Toledo Rotary Club Foundation grants $10,000 to Winebrenner Theological Seminary

The grant provides funding for 2 ‘pastoral care’ members, special training in partnership with Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance of Toledo who will ultimately assist first responders as the individuals that will be called upon to help in crisis or near crisis situations.

Our Community Service Committee members received the request, participated in the vetting process and made the decision to recommend grant approval to our Club Board and Foundation Trustees—this $10,000 grant was recently approved and is made possible through your contributions to our Club’s Foundation!

Each time a crisis occurs within the inner-city of Toledo, civic servants, law enforcements, business, and the community at-larger turn to the pastoral care community for assistance, calm and a scaled re-orientation of the community center; most often that pastoral care is provided by members of the IMA in Toledo and its surrounding communities.  Pastoral care is a part of every community’s crisis and first response efforts and includes training in the areas of crisis and grief awareness, personal & family ministry, servant leadership and critical level response.

It’s your annual donations, your donations made in memory of someone, your monthly credit card donations that are all totaled at the end of the year and make it possible to award these grants—in fiscal 2017-2018 your total donations and your committee’s who ultimately decide which grants move forward that resulted in total grants $’s given of $202,000!  ($201,298.15).