Committee Selection Form

In our large club, the best way to make acquaintances, get involved, and learn what avenue of service is most appealing to you, is through active service on committees.  Please read through the committee descriptions for the next Rotary year and check those on which you want to actively serve during 2021-2022.

Please complete by Monday, July 5th, 2021.

  • As a member of Community Service, you have an opportunity to participate in the review of grant requests from a broad section of our community. This committee meets 6-8 times/ year to review and discuss grant requests and projects impacting our local community. Non-profits we have supported in the past include the Cherry Street Mission, Sunshine, Habitat for Humanity, Toledo Ballet, Little Sisters of the Poor and many more. This committee spearheads annual service projects such as Salvation Army bell-ringers, a spring clean-up and more. Involvement with the Community Services Committee offers hands-on opportunities that make a difference right here in our own community. This committee will spearhead efforts, through club members, to work with local government, businesses and organizations to form a coalition to advocate for the remediation and elimination of harmful lead exposure in homes and apartments in Toledo. Initial focus will help organize efforts to identify buildings with high levels of lead and individuals who may have been exposed to these high levels.
  • Disability Service Committee Committee members have an opportunity to participate in the long-history of our Club’s focus and service of helping others maintain a relatively normal lifestyle, no matter what their ability. Our Club’s long history with Glendale Feilbach elementary school and the Ability Center have created regularly promoted committee and club projects. Among them last year included a day at the Toledo Zoo and Toledo Museum of Art day at the Glass Pavilion. This committee manages all grant requests for any type of disability and meets 6-8 times/year. The Disability Service Committee studies the needs and challenges of the disabled community and recommends steps and procedures to provide solutions.
  • International Service Committee The International Service Committee manages international grant requests and projects. International Service adopted three rural villages in Honduras with a commitment to long-term development in this area from our Club and holds 6-8 meetings per year. Using worldwide Rotary resources, this committee involves every member in advancing International understanding, goodwill, and peace. International Service Committee is connected with our Club’s district 6600 through MESA (Medical Equipment Supplies Abroad), water projects, and more.
  • Vocational Service Committee Vocational Service Committee members play an integral role in mentoring youth and adults in their respective vocations. Vocational Services promotes ‘Networking that Supports & Fosters the Four-Way Test’! Committee members focus on development of professions, trades, and education within the community’s chosen vocations. As a Vocational Service Committee member, you will have an opportunity to review and manage grant requests for new and existing vocational programs; this committee meets 6-8 per year. Vocational Service provides an opportunity to mentor & help high school seniors with mock interviews and participation in the 4-way speech contest within our Club and District.
  • The Youth Services Committee members have an opportunity to experience and manage multiple grant requests that impact the youth in our immediate area. Past Youth Service grant requests have come from Claire’s Day, Toledo School for the Arts, Early Childhood Development & more. This committee will manage grant requests during each of the grant cycles, participate in site visits, and make recommendations to their committee for projects they feel will have the greatest impact, meeting 6-8 times during the year. The committee discovers the problems challenging young people, cooperates with existing social agencies, and establishes help with new organizations when needed. This committee will oversee initial & potential long-term steps toward one of our Club’s key transformational projects, Universal Pre-K. The Rotary Club of Toledo, through its members, will work with local government, businesses and organizations to advocate for universal pre-kindergarten education in our community. Toledo Rotary will find additional partners to fund and participate in the exploration of the most effective ways to implement universal pre-k and help to organize the effort to make universal pre-k a reality in the Toledo area.
  • The Water Services Committee members will evaluate foundation grant requests relating to waterways & bodies of water within and/or contiguous to the U.S. The committee leadership will present recommendations to the FAC. This committee may meet 6-8 times during the year. An additional focus of this committee is oversight and direction surrounding advocacy projects, trips and follow-through as outlined in a key club transformational project. The Rotary Club of Toledo will continue its commitment to clean water through coordinated advocacy with other Rotary clubs in our district. Specifically, Toledo Rotary will make a three year commitment of $2,000 per year for assistance with transportation and the development of water advocacy talking points and training to enable Rotarians to influence the Ohio legislature and executive branch to implement legislation and regulations that assure the health of our state’s water systems.
  • The committee’s mission is the promotion of peace and prevention of violence in our Toledo Community. In order to accomplish that mission, this committee will focus on creating a space and designated time to focus on peace & conflict resolution. The committee will reinforce & support organizations, projects & individuals that are serving the mission. This committee will focus toward on-going awareness and support to peace relations in Toledo as it participates in local, regional and national peace promoting events and research.
  • The FAC plays a key role in administering and providing the final steps of due diligence in our grant making process. This committee serves as the platform to hear and review each grant request presented by each chair or vice chair of the service committees. Together, members decide and recommend which grants will move forward for final approval from the Club Board and Foundation Trustees. The FAC is comprised of each service committee chair, vice chair, a foundation trustee, and members at large. Overall it is not anticipated that this committee would consist of more than 25.
  • Membership/Engage Committee This Club committee engages members in activities outside of the Monday meetings with at least 4 social activities being planned. New Committee members will be assigned this committee, participate in one new member orientation during their first year and become a member of the Class of 2018-19. Committee will focus on fellowship, social activities and connecting to fellow Rotarians. This committee encourages members to regularly attend meetings and get involved in all facets of the Club.
  • Marketing/Communications Committee This Club committee recommends, reviews, and implements activities surrounding external communications and promotion. Committee meetings are scheduled by the chairman. In collaboration with Rotary office, this committee creates and manages marketing campaigns, maintains local media contact, sends weekly press releases of speakers and other relevant content regarding meetings and events of notable public interest; the overall focus for 2019-2020 is showcasing our Club’s relevance within the community—more external communication; the bulk of member communication is created and disseminated internally.
  • New Membership This committee will develop a membership campaign focused on key targeted community leaders as members. Committee will focus on inviting other community leaders to attend a Monday meeting or social event, introducing them to others and guiding their initial first steps in becoming a member. Committee will encourage current members to seek and propose new members to add to their targeted list of community leaders as new members.
  • Program Committee This Club committee prepares & arranges programs for all Club meetings. The Program committee meets quarterly to review submitted ideas & speakers and determine the viability of speakers. Members vote to approve or deny which speakers will become part of our Monday program meetings.
  • Finance/Audit Committee This Club committee works directly with the president and executive director to develop a comprehensive annual budget for the Club, makes recommendations for policy & procedure surrounding financial record-keeping & processing. The committee reviews the annual audit in September. The finance committee meets quarterly or as called upon to review the budget.
  • Friendship Committee This Club committee communicates with members in times of illness. This committee also oversees informing the Club of the passing of past and current members.
  • Reflection/Invocation Committee This Club committee provides a weekly reflection/ invocation at regular and special club meetings. Members wishing to participate should contact the chairman.
  • Constitution Committee This Club committee reviews and recommends changes to the Club Constitution or by-laws to the Board for approval
  • AV Committee Be part of the Monday ‘behind the scenes’ AV studio