District Conference 2020

Join us May 1st & 2nd for a weekend of fun and relaxation with your Rotary family and hear from dynamic and inspiring speakers like Australian Rotarian Evan Burrell who reminds us we can all be superheroes and Lt. Col. Robert Darling who spent 9/11/01 in the President’s Bunker. Plus, take advantage of the beautiful […]

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Youth Services Project

 Stock the School Supply Pantry at Glendale Feilbach School

In a recent study conducted by the National Center of Education Statistics, it was determined that about 94% of public school teachers spend money from their own pockets on school supplies without being reimbursed. On average, the amount spent ranges from $250-500 annually.  We would like to support the teachers of Glendale Feilbach by easing the burden this year and donate school supplies for them to develop a pantry

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