Transformational Projects

 Transformational Project is one that:

  • Affects a broad sector of the community (local, regional or global) ·
  • Has the overwhelming support of the Rotary Club of Toledo and has been designated and approved by the Club Board and Foundation Trustees,
  • Is likely to be a multi-year commitment, and
  • Has a sustainable goal of making a significant, long-term, positive impact.


The Rotary Club of Toledo, through its members, will work with local government, businesses and organizations to advocate for universal pre-kindergarten education in our community.  Toledo Rotary will find additional partners to fund and participate in the exploration of the most effective ways to implement universal pre-k and help to organize the effort to make universal pre-k a reality in the Toledo area.

Toledo Rotary will commit up to $100,000 to promote and support universal pre-k.  Ten thousand dollars of this amount will be invested in the initial research study to evaluate the implementation of universal pre-k that has been commissioned by the Toledo Community Foundation and Promedica, with the cooperation of other area supporters.  Based on the results of this research, Toledo Rotary will evaluate the best way to expend the additional $90,000.

Read the full Universal Pre-K Project Proposal from the Youth Services Committee


The Rotary Club of Toledo, through its members, will work with local government, businesses and organizations to form a coalition to advocate for the remediation and elimination of harmful lead exposure in homes and apartments in Toledo.  To this end, Toledo Rotary will help organize efforts to identify buildings with high levels of lead and individuals who may have been exposed to these high levels.   Toledo Rotary will assist in coordinating a community effort of paid and volunteer workers, and solicit in-kind contributions, to remediate lead exposure through encapsulation and other cost-effective methods.   In addition, Toledo Rotary will collaborate with other organizations and individuals to educate the community about lead poisoning prevention and promote identification, testing and possible treatment for those exposed to lead.

Read the full Lead Abatement Project Proposal from the Community Services Committee


The Rotary Club of Toledo will continue its commitment to clean water through coordinated advocacy with other Rotary clubs in our district.  Specifically, Toledo Rotary will make a three year commitment of $2,000 per year for assistance with transportation and the development of water advocacy talking points and training to enable Rotarians to influence the Ohio legislature and executive branch to implement legislation and regulations that assure the health of our state’s water systems.

Read the full Water Project Proposal from the Water Services Committee