Thank you for your interest in Rotary’s boating Fellowship. The International Yachting Fellowship of Rotarians is the oldest and largest of the Rotary Fellowships. It began in England in 1947 and has grown to 98 fleets, with more than 3000 members in 31 Countries.

All Rotarians and Rotaractors can join IYFR. The only requirement for joining is an active interest in boating (ownership of a boat is not required). Fleets are located worldwide. If there is not a fleet in your area, you are invited to start building up a Squadron of the nearest Fleet and to join as a Member of that Fleet to enjoy benefits of membership. Inquiries should be sent via email to [email protected]

Boating with fellow Rotarians and friends is a delightful way to share ideas, improve your seamanship, provide support for Rotary service activities, make lasting friendships and practice the ideals of Rotary.
Boat ownership is not required for membership.
Membership is encouraged for all Rotarians that share an interest and love for the water.


• Help to advance Rotary’s goal of “International understanding, goodwill, and world peace.”
• Meet interesting people with a common interest in boating, make great contacts and establish lasting friendships.
• Access to the “IYFR Roster of Members,” which puts you in touch with Rotary Mariners and fleets worldwide. Contact them – become involved and enjoy Rotary Mariner Fellowship.
• Keep in touch with what is happening in IYFR through the IYFR website.
• Enjoy boating and social events (on land or water) with other IYFR members locally, regionally and internationally.
• Each Fleet in IYFR plans and hosts its own activities and events for Fleet members and their partners and guests. Exchange visits by members of other IYFR Fleets and Independent Members are actively encouraged. Typical events include “raft-ups” on the water, cruises, regattas, service activities and a wide variety of social events on shore. The theme of all activities is fellowship.
• Enjoy the IYFR activities at International Rotary Conventions, including the Annual General Meeting and IYFR Post Convention Cruise.
• IYFR regalia, available only for member purchase, identify you as a Rotary Mariner at home or abroad.
Annual IYFR dues for any Fleet Member are $30 USD per Member, payable through the Fleet.



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