Toledo Rotary Club Foundation Grant Recipient: Ohio Living Hospice

Ohio Living Hospice, Greater Toledo – formerly Senior Independence – received a grant of $4,700 from the Toledo Rotary Club Foundation for their Music and Memory Program. With the funds, Ohio Living Hospice has purchased CD players, iPod shuffles, music and iPads to provide comfort and care to some of their 120 hospice patients.

For dementia patients especially, music continues to activate various parts of the brain that talking and normal routines don’t reach. Music often has a calming effect, such that people are less agitated, and in some cases become more responsive and engaging with caregivers and family members. Music also manages to lower a person’s overall anxiety and is especially useful when an individual is having testing and procedures completed, or being introduced to new caregivers. With the Music and Memory program, music is personalized to the individuals preferences allowing it to reach them in a meaningful way.

Thank you to Toledo Rotary Club Foundation for brightening the lives of many hospice patients at Ohio Living.