Be Part of the Conversation!

“Your Conversations, Your Club, Your Community”

You are invited to participate in two weekly community conversations which offer a forum for input, candid feedback, insight, and thoughts on the direction and overall community impact of our Club as we embark and continue on the momentum of our Club.  Both Conversations will be led by fellow Rotarian, Kevin Mullan.

These community conversations will result in substantive feedback on the selection and implementation of our Club’s next Transformational Project(s). You will decide just what that project will be!

Net funds from ITZA Cabaret will go directly to our Transformational Project Fund and will be used for the sole purpose of the Club Members selected project—your voice is critical to making that decision—please join the Conversation, led & facilitated by fellow Rotarian, Kevin Mullan.

Community Conversations dates/times:

Monday, May 14 at 1 p.m.
Monday, May 21 at 11 a.m.


Our Club and Foundation’s history showcase the life-changing impact realized throughout our local & international communities.  Since our Club’s founding on May 3, 1912, we have served as a transformational, forward-thinking group of leaders known as the Rotary Club of Toledo. We have provided funding for historic transformational projects throughout our 105 year history and that trend continues into our 107th year.