Jeff Sailer- Executive Director, Toledo Zoo

Jeff Sailer is the President/CEO of the Toledo Zoo & Aquarium in Toledo, Ohio.  During his nine years at the Toledo Zoo, the  business has grown to an average of one million guests each year with many of them visiting Toledo from Michigan and other states around the country.  During his tenure, the Zoo has renovated several historic buildings including the Aquarium, ProMedica Museum of Natural History , and the Lodge.  The Zoo has been voted the “Best Zoo in the Country” by USA Today as well as voted multiple times for the “Best Zoo Lights Display.”

Under his leadership, the Toledo Zoo has continued to be a force in conservation and education – both near and far.  Most recently, the Zoo opened a free preschool program accessible to the metro region’s preschools providing access to children across the area regardless of their socio-economic status.

Prior to coming to Toledo,  Sailer worked as the Director for City Zoo for the Wildlife Conservation Society in New York managing three of the five parks in the WCS system.  Before that he was the Curator of Birds at Zoo Miami.  He attended graduate school at the University of Florida and has worked around the world with wildlife.