Water Conference Break Out Sessions

2016 Rotary Lake Erie Watershed Conference
Break Out Sessions

Leave with step-by-step instructions on how you and your Rotary Club can do things just as amazing!

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Making our Concerns Heard
You can take the politics out of Lake Erie, but you still have to work with the politicians. Come to this session and learn how to work with your elected officials and regulators to make sure that they know Lake Erie is a priority for you. It will be interactive and fun, with a chance to test your persuasiveness while learning the art of governmental advocacy.
Molly Flanagan and Crystal Davis of the Alliance for the Great Lakes

So You Want to Build a Project?
Sometimes it’s right to take on a big challenge.  Learn how to do it!  Come hear, and be inspired about how the St. Mary’s Rotary and other Clubs took on the huge project of designing, financing, building and maintaining an aerator to clean up water flowing into Grand Lake St Mary’s.  Then, the Perrysburg Club and ClearAs will amaze you with how they turned wastewater into renewable plastics!
Dan Burke of the St Mary’s Rotary, PDG John Kurfess of the Perrysburg Rotary and Rich Johnson of ClearAs

CSO/GI: Don’t Flush When It’s Raining!
The City of Ft. Wayne stopped its storm water from flushing their sewers out into the river, but they wanted to do even more! Now, they are sending their rainwater right down underground to recharge the groundwater. Learn how they are doing it. You can do it too in your own city, business, church or school!
Mary Jane Slaton of the City of Ft. Wayne and Cheryl Rice USDA/NRCS Ohio

Monitoring: What’s in My Stream?
When you drive by the stream next to your house do you ever wonder “is that water making algae in Lake Erie”?  Jim Page of the Waterville Rotary Club says “Find out today!”, and learn how to join the crowd of Rotarians who are documenting their water testing on a cell phone app that the whole world can see!
Jim Page of the Waterville Rotary

Where Did the Wetlands Go?
Ever heard the saying: “Wetlands are Nature’s kidneys”?  Find out what that means to a healthy Lake Erie and how you can help “regrow” those kidneys!  Clean up the streams and plant trees with scout troops, and make a home for birds, butterflies, frogs and foxes, too!
Jessica D’Ambrosio of The Nature Conservancy and Kris Patterson of Partners for Clean Streams

What Can a Homeowner Do?
If I don’t farm 1000 acres and I don’t run a wastewater treatment plant, just what can I do to help the Lake?  Learn about cleaning products to avoid, lawn fertilizer you can use, changing to a more “Earth Friendly” diet!  All things everyone can do at home and in your own neighborhood!
Kari Gerwin of TMACOG and Mary Pietras Kline of the Toledo Rotary and Beyond Basics Health Coaching