OEPA Impaired Waters determination for Western Lake Erie

Toledo Blade, August 12, 2016,

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency’s decision to hold a webinar instead of agency officials meeting Toledoans face-to-face about a report on water quality is simply more of the same old, same old: disregard and disrespect of northwest Ohioans from our state government.


Lake Erie wins!  Toledo in Top 10 Most Fun Places to Live!

Toledo Blade, August 14, 2016,

It is not quite time to wag your index finger in the air and start the chants of We’re number one! But it is close. When U.S. News & World Report recently issued the results of its in-depth look at the enjoyment factor in major American cities, Toledo ranked second in the 10 Most Fun Places to Live if You Love the Outdoors category, behind only Fresno, Calif.


Beautiful, Old Woman Creek Preserve Sandusky

Register, July 31, 2016,

If you’re looking to add a destination to your summer to-do list, one good suggestion would be the Old Woman Creek Nature Preserve and National Estuarine Research Reserve.


Wetlands disappearing?

Toledo Blade, July 31, 2016,

Marshes and wetlands are nature’s water filter, its Petri dish, nursery, and incubator, and also its sanctuary for many creatures big and small. So when the bulldozers and dump trucks show up and suffocate the life out of these areas with fill, many see it as an avoidable tragedy.


Algae, It’s Here!

The Beacon, July 25, 2016,

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has issued an experimental Lake Erie harmful algal bloom bulletin. Cyanobacteria (microcystis) is detectable in far western Lake Erie extending from Maumee Bay along the Michigan coast and extending east into the western basin in moderate concentrations.


… and Toxic algae in Sandusky Bay!

Toledo 13 ABC, July 31, 2016,

You’ve heard all about Lake Erie’s algal bloom. Last year’s was the biggest in recorded history. But there is another toxic algal bloom you might not have heard anything about. It’s on Sandusky Bay and it produces the same toxin – microcystin.


Digging into Manure Solutions for Grand Lake 

The Daily Standard, July 23, 2016,

Dirksen digging into new Ag Solutions job. A county employee is searching for affordable manure management methods to help area farmers reduce nutrient runoff blamed for toxic algae blooms in Grand Lake.
Algae in Defiance!

Toledo Blade, June 6, 2016

DEFIANCE -Officials will test the city’s water treatment plant for the toxin microcystin again Tuesday after an algae bloom developed on the Maumee River here over the weekend. The Defiance County General Health District said in a news release it was notified by the Ohio Department of Health at 4:10 p.m. Friday about the bloom. Area residents were advised to stay off the river until further notice.


And again…

Toledo Blade, July 28, 2016,

DEFIANCE- Another algal bloom has been discovered along the Maumee River and this one also includes parts of the Auglaize River that flow through Defiance County, according to a Defiance County General Health District statement issued today.


Can Ontario farmers find a way to tame Lake Erie’s algae bloom?

Lake Erie algae bloom





TVO, Toronto, Ontario, July 19, 2016,

Southwestern Ontario farmers are taking the first steps to discover how phosphorus that fuel Lake Erie’s annual algae bloom could be reduced to levels that don’t cover the lake in slime. It’s a small step, but one that could pave the way for larger reductions in Canada—and possibly show how to shrink the much larger volume of phosphorus runoff from farms on the American side of the border, particularly around the Maumee River in Michigan.