Signature Fundraiser

The Club’s Signature Fundraiser, ITZA Ball, was a great success resulting in more than $400,000 in net proceeds to the Toledo Rotary Foundation set aside specifically for our Centennial Projects and resulted in the largest Foundation contribution to our community in history, $300,000 to Toledo Area Metroparks first downtown riverfront metropark, Middlegrounds.

Following our Club’s Strategic Plan and club member wishes to continue supporting transformational projects, ITZA Ball returned in May of 2015, netting more than $100,000 designated to support the Club’s approved transformational projects.  Members agreed to the following standards of our Signature Fundraiser:

Net proceeds from ITZA Ball fundraiser will be designated for the support of transformational projects.

A Transformational Project is one that:

  • Affects a broad sector of the community (local, regional or global)
  • Has the overwhelming support of the Rotary Club of Toledo and has been designated and approved by the Club Board and Foundation Trustees,
  • Is likely to be a multi-year commitment, and
  • Has a sustainable goal of making a significant, long-term, positive impact