John Muenzer - UT Hall of Fame Swimmer

John Muenzer is a native of Maumee and attended St. Johns High School and The University of Toledo. He represented The University of Toledo men’s swim team from 1979 to 1983. He was named as one of the top distance freestyle and backstroke swimmers during this time. He was inducted into the UT hall of fame in 1992. After college, he continued to challenge himself in the water by swimming from Point Pelee in Canada to Cedar Point in Ohio in August 1983. The 34-mile distance was accomplished in 24 hours and 10 minutes, breaking the record that was set in 1957. John went into business, married his wife, Mary, and had 7 children. Due to these responsibilities, his swimming goals were postponed.

Starting in 2009 he returned to swimming and completed the English Channel crossing of 21-miles in 13 hours and 12 minutes. In that same year, he swam the 24-mile length of Tampa Bay in 12 hours and 7 minutes. In August 2018, John returned to the water and swam the 28.5 miles around the Island of Manhattan in 9 hours and 22 minutes.

One swim remains to accomplish the triple crown and grand slam of long-distance swimming. The swim is from Catalina Island to Long Beach, California for a distance of 20.5 miles. The goal for this swim is August of 2022.