Alex Mejirtski - Spectra Group

Join us on Monday where our speaker will be Alex Mejirtski speaking about Spectra Group – a local company and the great strides of 3-D printing.

Alex Mejiritski, President and COO

Alex Mejiritski, President, Ph. D. in the Photochemical Sciences, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH; 16 years at Spectra Group. Has extensive knowledge of formulating products that use radiation (UV/EB) curing for manufacturing of coatings, photopolymers, composites, and adhesives. Scientific background in materials science with particular emphasis on surface analysis.

Chief Operating Officer, in charge of company’s day-to-day operations: Also supervises research and development activities related to the variety of projects especially those regarding the optimization of polymer/coatings properties for numerous applications. The range of end-use applications include novel materials for photocast spectacle lenses; protective coatings for steel; radiation curable paper release coatings; electron beam (EB) curable wood furniture coatings; waterborne radiation curable latexes; UV,visible light and EB cured structural reinforced materials, adhesives and others. Holder of nine issued US and World Patents, an author of 24 articles in various scientific and trade publications, Pioneering Award from the Association of Advancement of UV/EB Technology in 1998.