Inclusion & Diversity: Building a Successful Future for Toledo Rotary

Maria Arcocha White is the founder and CEO of Inclusity. A recognized leader in the diversity and inclusion field, she has worked with over a dozen Fortune 500 CEOs, hundreds of senior leaders, and thousands of managers, supervisors, and individual contributors throughout North America and Europe. Her professional career of more than thirty years includes acting as the first ever Hispanic Sales and Marketing Manager for the Procter and Gamble Company, as well as a term as Vice President of Human Resources for R. R. Donnelley Logistics beginning in 1999. She later served as Executive Vice President of Pope & Associates, a leading diversity and inclusion training and consulting firm, and is proud to have served in an advisory capacity on the U.S. Senate Task Force on Hispanic Affairs.

Maria launched Inclusity in 2013 to pursue a new approach in diversity and inclusion. With her staff she facilitates in-depth change management, strategic culture change, leadership development, coaching, and consulting. She is PROSCI-certified in change management.

Maria holds an M.A. in counseling from Xavier University and a B.A. in communications from the University of Toledo. She works out of the central Inclusity offices in Perrysburg, Ohio.


Dr. Whitfield is the founder of Blue Force MTT, a team of subject matter experts
that conduct onsite training in the areas of professional development and cultural
competency for individuals, businesses, and nonprofit organizations.
Whitfield recognizes that every organization faces specific challenges as it pertains
to leading its’ workforce and interacting with consumers. His team eliminates those
challenges by providing clients with custom design training concepts that best match their
needs and objectives. He believes that training should be an ongoing, engaging, and
empowering process that is consistently evaluated and never ends. This approach
provides his clients with the skills needed to maneuver in today’s changing work
environment effectively with confidence.
Before moving to the private sector, Whitfield served as a Team Leader and Senior
Instructor on a Department of Defense contract and conducted numerous training
missions for the United States Army Intelligence Center of Excellence Training Division.
His previous work experience also included more than two decades of law enforcement,
where he served as a Police Officer and later a Police Commander. These experiences
were utilized for training local public safety agencies and community partners in the
areas of safety, leadership development, and communications.
Dr. Whitfield’s educational background consists of a Doctor of Philosophy degree in
Criminal Justice, Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice Administration, and a Masters of
Business Administration specializing in Human Resource Management. The purpose of
his qualitative research study for his Ph.D. was to examine how implicit-bias training
influences an individual’s awareness, knowledge, and skills in the area of cultural
competency. He also regularly attends advanced levels of training and seminars
throughout the year to ensure that the courses his team offers remain on the cutting edge
of practice.



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