Wayne Dornan, Ph.D.- How I Survived Breast Cancer: An Inspirational Journey of Hope and Fact

Wayne Dornan, Ph.D.- Susan G. Komen National Scholar and Advocate in Science and Male Breast Cancer Survivor

Dr. Dornan was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He graduated from Concordia University with an undergraduate degree in psychology. From there, he spent five years in St. John’s Newfoundland, Canada, where he completed a master’s of science and a PhD in experimental psychology, with a focus on neuroscience. In 1986, Dr. Dornan moved to Los Angeles, California, where he graduated with a postdoctoral degree in reproductive neuroendocrinology from the Department of Anatomy at the UCLA School of Medicine. In 1989, he accepted a position as assistant professor of psychology at Illinois Wesleyan University to develop a neuroscience program. While at Illinois Wesleyan University, he cofounded the Central Illinois Neuroscience Foundation, which is a nonprofit foundation promoting neuro–health care in Central Illinois. From there, Dr. Dornan spent a decade in Tennessee at Middle Tennessee State University as a professor and chair of the aerospace department. In 2012, Dr. Dornan accepted a position as dean of the College of Aviation and Public Services at Utah Valley University. In 2015, Dr. Dornan retired and moved back to Tennessee. During his academic career, Dr. Dornan was a leading researcher on Alzheimer’s disease and stroke. He has over fifty scientific research publications and has been awarded numerous research grants, including one at over one million dollars from the National Science Foundation. Dr. Dornan has been on the editorial board of over twelve scientific journals and was an associate editor and eventually editor of a prestigious scientific journal. We provided this information on Dr. Dornan’s extensive academic background because as you will soon read, this background had a significant impact on how he dealt with the diagnosis and how he decided from the beginning to fight, which we believe led to the subsequent success after treatment for his breast cancer.


How I Survived Breast Cancer: An Inspirational Journey of Hope and Fact

Every three minutes, a woman in the United States is diagnosed with breast cancer. Although more and more men and women are surviving breast cancer, it is still a very frightening diagnosis, and your life is absolutely turned upside down when you are told you have breast cancer. This is a book of hope and inspiration. I wrote it for both men and women, and I believe that thousands of women and men will be helped by all the information in this book. As you will see, throughout the book, each inspirational chapter, which is a documentation of my specific journey with breast cancer, is followed by a factual account that contains up-to-date information regarding breast cancer and treatment in both men and women. In addition to it’s inspirational chapters, I hope that the factual information in his book will help both men and women make informed decisions regarding their treatment options and help them understand that there is quality of life after being diagnosed with breast cancer. In this book you will read that almost from the beginning I decided that I would embrace my diagnosis and not be intimated by it. As you will read, I would take this diagnosis head-on; I wanted to feel empowered and not helpless! I want both men and women who read this book to understand that although it’s not easy, you have to maintain a positive attitude about your diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis and fight it every day. You can never give up. Lastly, although our lives will never be the same, as you will read in this book, there are tons of breast cancer survivors out there. So my advice is to live your life to the fullest and become an inspiration to other breast cancer survivors.


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