Toledo Firefighters Museum and Public Education



Private Dennis Kookoothe, Public Educator, and Retired Assistant Chief Robert Schwanzl, President of the Toledo Firefighters Museum

Private Dennis Kookoothe was appointed to the Toledo Fire & Rescue Department on September 11, 1992. He received his E.M.T. – Paramedic Certification on July 28, 1995.

Private Kookoothe became the public educator in April of 2015 and joins a long list of previous firefighters that have served in this important position.

The Public Education Unit informs the public about the importance of fire safety. A total of over 50,000 people are educated on fire safety each year. This number includes Toledo-area students from grades 1st through 6th, members of senior citizen groups, businesses, fire safety in the workplace programs, PTAs, mother’s clubs, scout groups, and many other organizations.

Retired Assistant Chief Robert Schwanzl, retired after serving the city of Toledo for over forty years.

His time on the job spanned some of the most significant incidences that occurred in the history of the department such as the Tiedke’s department store and Willis Day fires. Along with the Anthony Wayne Trail tanker explosion which claimed the lives of four Toledo Firefighters on June 10th,1961

The date now serves as the day the Toledo Fire and Rescue department holds its annual memorial service.

Robert serves as the president of the Toledo Fire Fighters Museum.

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