Changing of the Guard

In Rotary, the year begins in July. Happy New Year to all members! Be sure to join us Monday for the Changing of the Guard!
Past President Sharon Skilliter will pass the gavel and pin to incoming President Dick Wolff.

Your 2018-2019 Rotary Board of Directors are:
President Elect: Tim Ryan
1st Vice President: Peter Handwork
2nd Vice President: Alex Due
Secretary—Treasurer: Jim Kniep
Directors: Charles Asah, Cindy Binkley, Bob DiNardo, Janina Douglas, Steve Johnson, Dean Niese, John Roemer
and Dan Skilliter

Your 2018-2019 Foundation Trustees are:
Chairman Kathy Mikolajczak, Vice Chairman Eric Fankhauser, Secretary/Treasurer Brian Kennedy, Tom Backoff,
Louise Jackson, Judy Leb, Mary Mancini, Gary Murphy, and Chuck Stocking