Chris Aldrich - Toledo Aerial Media

An increasing number of drones take to the skies every day, and more often than not, it’s the mishaps that make the news. However, it’s the work that’s being done outside the public’s general purview that is truly noteworthy. Chris Aldrich, co-owner of Toledo Aerial Media, will discuss how they are currently using the latest drone technology to benefit northwest Ohio and beyond.

Chris Aldrich melded years of radio control experience, passion for photography and videography, and formal technology education at Bowling Green State University to fuel a career in the commercial unmanned aerial vehicle industry. As founder of Blacktip Aerial in the Florida Keys, Chris later merged his company with Toledo Aerial Media and moved back to the region where he was born and raised. Now with a solid foundation in northwest Ohio, Chris and the team at Toledo Aerial Media maintain a very diverse client base locally, as well as throughout the United States and internationally.

Toledo Aerial Media is an FAA certified and insured drone service. They are dedicated to discovering and utilizing the full potential of unmanned aircraft systems. They offer: aerial photography, cinematography, mapping, 360 degree interactive photos, inspections, thermal imaging. Other services include consulting to public safety departments, businesses and other entities, as well as custom drone builds for businesses and organizations.