Lori Dixon - Great Lakes Marketing Research

“Toledo as a Test Market”

An insiders’ view of why Toledoans are used as spokesmen for the nation and why test marketing is an essential key to success.

Lori Mitchell Dixon, PhD
Great Lakes Marketing Research

Dr. Dixon joined Great Lakes Marketing in 1978. She became a co-owner in 1985 and sole owner in 2010. Great Lakes Marketing is a full-service marketing research and consulting company headquartered in Toledo, Ohio. Dixon and her staff of about 40 research professionals help their clients incorporate the-voice-of-the customer into business planning, messaging, and new product development. Great Lakes Marketing holds ISO accreditation for testing child resistant packaging and has a GSA with the federal government.

Great Lakes Marketing serves global businesses such as Procter & Gamble and General Motors, local treasures, and public agencies such as the FTC, US Postal Service, and Bureau of Land Management.

A born and raised Toledoan, Lori holds a doctorate from Kent State University and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Toledo. She is a board member for the National Poison Prevention Week Council and several international testing associations.